How much time should a child play video games?

All kids are different. Whether the child is passively looking at the screen or it's active is not the same thing.What does the World health organization says?Kids younger then 5 years should not have any contact with screen.So what should be the focus for those kids?Definitely phisical activity,interaction with people and other kids and rest.You can hear a statment to offen:"This kid can't stand still and doesn't speak at all.It's because of thoose games he play".So let's try to explain.No living thing on earth is not in the nature to stand still for a longer time except if it's not sleeping.Second,video games can't harm you in any way.They can only develop your skills.So what is going on?The answer is simple. A lot of parents use screen and tehnology as a replacement for real interaction with their kid.Either due to lack of time,energy or will.It's a lot easier to give him a cartoon to watch than to take him out.And because of that lack of interaction kids grow up with a lack of vocabulary.

So the perfect balance between playing video games and real interaction with your kid is the key for happy and healthy cildhood