How do animals keep us healthy?

What we know about animals? They are attached, friends who give us unconditional love, creatures that do not allow us to feel lonely. And according to several studies and research, animals can help us cope better with health problems such as insomnia, headaches and stress.

Cats:Just half an hour of playing with a dog can trigger triggers in your brain that will trigger a complete state of happiness. Also, research shows that cats reduce grief. Cat owners are less lonely and have higher moral standards than others, and that is because petting our pets causes the secretion of oxytocin, the "love" hormone.

Dogs:Just five minutes of spending time with a dog reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone. People in one study stated that the company of a pet calms them more than the presence of a partner It is true that a dog can help us overcome psychological problems and life difficulties. Studies show that among people who live in big cities, dog owners are more satisfied with life than those who do not. Dogs take their owners out of their daily routine It motivates you to go for a walk, and the preparation of his food gives you energy. Dogs are a great choice for the loneliness because the sense of responsibility and attention they seek gives meaning to life.

Horses: Horses are known for their therapeutic abilities. Therapeutic riding is an activity that is recommended for people with physical, mental or neurological problems. in any case, horses will help anyone who socializes with them more and teach them self-discipline, patience, self-control and responsibility The connection between a horse and a man makes it easier for a person to open up emotionally, but also to overcome some types of fears. Finally, horseback riding is a great recreation and not just a pleasure - and thus keeps the heart and respiratory system healthy.

Aquarium fishes: Watching the fish swim in the aquarium has a relaxing and calming effect

Conclusion: Children who are surrounded by pets have stronger immunity and grow into a more sociable and responsible person