9 games to increase intelligence

The genetic factor is crucial for intelligence, but the fact that our parents gave us significant intellectual capacity does not mean that we should not work on it. Children's intelligence is something that can develop and that can increase, gradually, from day to day.

Educational toys are those that do not give children answers, but ask questions. As such, they are a key part of a child's development. Their significance is multiple: they stimulate psychomotor development, coordination of movements, logical reasoning, memory, creativity, imagination, sense of aesthetics, spaceā€¦ Therefore, choose wisely, play with children and exercise your brain "muscles".

1.Memory games

Take a deck of cards. For children who do not yet know numbers, cards with figures will play a role. Set aside two young men, a king, two ladies and two aces. Shuffle the cards and arrange them in two rows. Have the child turn over two cards and try to remember their schedule because the winner of the game is the one who manages to pair more pairs.

2.Guess what it is

Hide the object under the opaque, thicker fabric (blanket, blanket). Have your child touch it and ask a series of questions that are answered with yes or no until he finds out which object he is holding. This game can be played by several children at the same time.

3.Board games (Man don't get mad, dominoes, cards)

Around the age of three, children are ready to play games according to pre-established rules, such as various board games. Among the simplest is "Man, don't be angry", Mica or Domino with animal characters. One of the games that is fantastic for the development of intelligence and logic is X - O.


All kinds of puzzles, small or large, wooden, cardboard, with shapes, colors, are perfect for your child to learn something new and to practice their curves. This can also be fun for the whole family. Just be careful not to help the child too much, because the goal is for him to learn to notice the details


In order for a child to sing with you, he must first adopt the words of a certain song and melody. In that way, the child unconsciously learns by heart, and that helps the development of memory and expands the child's vocabulary.


After each reading of fairy tales, stories, novels, play storytelling. Ask the child simple questions and have them repeat what they have read. At the same time, if the child wants to "add" something to the story - let him go. In that way, it only begins to participate in the creation of a real small literary work.

7.Drawing, sculpting, collage

In all these activities, children immensely enjoy, develop graphomotor skills, master new skills and learn not to be ashamed of creativity. This fun can last for hours, and undoubtedly has a positive effect on children's intellect.

8.Theatrical play

No, you don't have to take a child to the theater, or make a big stage at home to do a family production. It is enough for you to know some nice recitation and to have the will to let your imagination run wild. Play "The Terrible Lion", make "Wonderland" at home. Your child will be delighted.

9.Children's cubes

Cubes are one of the first educational toys. They allow us to learn the laws of physics, to develop creativity, to create anew and are irreplaceable during the earliest childhood.