How to entertain a preschooler at home?

Fantastic do-it-yourself robots that you too can make with your child- If you collect various boxes, rolls, corks, lids and other small things that you may need for an art class, a themed workshop or for a hobby at home, then you certainly have everything you need to make fantastic robots with children. For this creative challenge you can use colorful plugs and cardboard boxes of different sizes and shapes, metal elements such as screws and nuts, empty CD boxes, colored papers, aluminum foil, collage paper, markers, crayons and of course glue or a gun with silicone that would connect it all and keep it in place

Plasticine - Playing with plasticine stimulates the development of fine motor skills, strengthens arm muscles, stimulates imagination and creativity. Make animals out of plasticine and make your own story.

Make a castle - You will hardly find a person who, as a child, did not build his house, castle or fortress from blankets, pillows, bedding and with the help of furniture in the house. If your child has not tried this game yet, you can suggest it to him, he will surely be delighted.

Paper scissors crayons - Chopping, gluing, drawing, learning shapes, etc. in a simple "Pizza Master" game. Kids can create their own pizza and learn a lot through that game. Paper and imagination can do anything. All you need are scissors, some paper and crayons After that you can play role play game with your child. You could be a customer and the child may be a salesman.

Detective game- For this game you need a plastic bottle, rice, small items (toys,plastic objects..).Collect small items such as figurines, coins, buttons, paper clips, sharpeners, pompoms, etc and draw them on a piece of paper. Put the items in a plastic bottle, then fill it almost completely with rice and seal well. Give the child pictures or a list of items, a pencil and a bottle. Explain to him that he is a detective who needs to find hidden objects. The child should turn and shake the bottle to find objects from the pictures in the rice, thus developing concentration and perseverance. When he sees an object, he can cross it off the list

Mysterious box - You will need:cardboard box, scissors, various items (objects).Cut a round hole on both sides of the cardboard box, wide enough for the child to push their hand through. Collect different items that fit in the box around the house, but do not show them to the child. Try to collect as many different items as possible, e.g. T-shirt, bowl, key, sponge, banana… While the child is squinting, put one item at a time in the box. The child, without looking at the box, puts both hands through the holes. It receives information about objects through tactile stimuli, and its brain registers and processes them He touches the objects and tries to figure out which object it is. This can also be a handy exercise to expand his vocabulary if you ask him to describe the object.