Educate your kids - Animals are not toys

There are numerous cases when an animal has bitten a child because it felt threatened by the child's excessive free behavior. The same is the case with cats, which know how to scratch the owner if they cross a certain line. Believe it or not, pets also have certain boundaries that should not be crossed

There are certain animals that are recommended as ideal for socializing with children.Most experts agree that a child under the age of five is not ready to have a pet, especially a dog, which can be very demanding.

Children at this age are not mature enough, nor capable of understanding what a pet is, and cannot devote themselves to it in the right way.Therefore, it is quite natural for them to treat a pet as a toy, which is not good for either the pet or the child.

In particular, dogs as pets are recommended for children older than ten years, while birds, rodents, fish and turtles are more suitable for younger ones.Another thing you need to consider when adopting a pet for your child is that the child's wishes are often fleeting, so much of the work of caring for the pet will fall on the parents.

Although they should not be treated as toys, that does not mean that pets do not enjoy various games with children, as long as, of course, they are not the subject of that game, but an equal member. All animals love to play, but in different ways

As for cats, they are natural hunters and they enjoy in games of this type. Cats that live at home especially lack hunting and activity, so it is very important that the game with them goes in this direction. Children can play with a cat with toys, which will stimulate them to chase some object, a toy like a mouse or some object attached to the end of the rope. Cats should not be allowed to have your foot or arm as a toy.

Do not touch a cat or dog if they are playing with a toy at that moment. Dogs and cats perceive their toy as prey and can become a little more aggressive in order to defend it. If you want to play together, contact your pet and ask him to return the toy. If he does it, you can start playing together. However, if the toy is not returned to you, leave it alone, because you have to accept that the pet is not always in the mood to play with you or your children.

Dogs love games in which they bring you an object while you throw it. They also enjoy walking together, as well as crawling through various obstacles. With dogs, your children can also play hide and seek, so they hide and the dogs look for them. The only problem is that such a game will not last long, because dogs have a very developed sense of smell, and they will find them almost immediately.

So, teach your children how to treat their pets, so that one day they can become responsible owners